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I help and support families with neurodiverse children to move away from stress, overwhelm, anxiety and worry to relief, happiness, better family balance and joy.


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I help families with neurodiverse children, ( Examples of Neurodiverse conditions are Autism (ASD), ADHD, dyslexia and others such conditions as dyspraxia), transform from daily stress into joy and a sense of relief.

Patricia Falcetta

Autism/Neurodiversity Expert.

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  • Professional Keynote Speaker

  • Autism Advocate

  • Autism family support

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I take a holistic approach whereby I look at the family as a whole rather than the child as an individual that needs to be “fixed.”


I have 2 boys who are neurodiverse, and having gone through many struggles with them, it prompted me to create Social Living Solutions.  I wanted to provide parents with understanding and practical support, and to just know that there is someone working in this area that just “gets it.”  This is one of the biggest compliments some of my clients with autism give me “you just get it”, “you understand me.” I get it. Yes! I get it, without any judgment or personal opinion of you and your circumstances.


I too have experienced the overwhelm, stress and worry from being an autism parent.  I have experienced those same judgemental looks from strangers in shopping centres and been told your child needs more discipline by complete strangers as well as close family. 


Having worked with neurodiverse children in the school system. Even when the child can integrate into school, they simply don’t get the attention and support they need to thrive.  They are often viewed as the problem that needs to be fixed; rather than as one part to a whole equation. We examine and structure a plan and model to support a better life, more balance and more joy.




Excellence in Support Work Finalist for the 2019 ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards.


I am proud to be nominated and a finalist in 2 notable business awards for 2019.


Winner of the Women Economic Forum ‘Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All’ Award 2020.


Looking for a notable  Speaker for your event?

I offer powerful keynotes for audiences of 30 to 3000 people for both the public and private sectors. I focus on leading your audience into change practice and growth mindset and leading them through change and post change and what then comes thereafter.


These keynotes work best for audiences of 30 to 3000 people for both the public and private sectors.  I assist  organisations or departments who are grappling with the constant changes in the work environment and requirements to best support their staff.  I look at leading your audience into change practice and growth mindset and leading them through change and post change and what then comes thereafter.


Your people and / or conference attendees have to see themselves in a future that they themselves have created –they need to be provided with agency, crystal clarity and burning purpose or desire.

  • Putting the Awesome into Autism

    Radicalise thinking in the workplace, how to harness the strengths of our neurodiverse employees and support them to add value to the workplace and THRIVE! The secret values of employing someone with Autism and the enormous benefit people with Autism bring to the workplace.

    • The value of what the neurodivergent mind brings to the workplace
    • How to best support and utilise your neurodiverse employees strengths
    • Tools your neurodiverse employees may need to thrive in the workplace

  • THIS Ability. My vision

    To have a world where people with Autism and other diversity are accepted, integrated and recognised as valuable members of society.

    I see the neurodiverse movement is where the LGBTQI movement was 30 to 40 years ago.  I constantly see neurodiverse people coming up against ignorance and fear.

    Fear of difference and ignorance around what those differences are, what they mean and why they exist.  I have seen mothers stop their child from playing with another child as soon it has become known that the child has an autism diagnosis. Why the ignorance why the fear?

  • Neurotypical vs. Neurodiverse

    How do we look at and define inclusion and what does it really mean? How does this impact on the way we see neurodiversity?

    • Shocking truths around comparison of life trajectory of a neurodiverse person compared to that of a neurotypical person.
    • The realities of acceptance and ignorance
    • So we truly understand what a neurodivergent mind is?

  • Leading on the Spectrum

    How to support your leaders to best support their neurodiverse employees and create a culture of full inclusion in the workplace

    • What is Neurodiversity? A deeper understanding of the conditions and common signs in the workplace.
    • Insights, strategies and supports managers can use to get the most out of their neurodiverse team members.
    • How to create and sustain a team culture that embraces difference.

  • Mindset Shifts

    A unique perspective on growth mindset:  From my years of experience in working with neurodiverse individuals I give you a unique perspective on Growth Mindset and how this can be utilised in the neurodiverse sense.

    • How the ability of some neurodiverse individuals to think outside the box will stretch your Growth Mindset.
    • We see neurodiverse people as been very black and white, very rigid “ how to support those individuals that are this way towards a growth mindset and see it's advantages
    • What having diversity in your workplace does to shift mindset to a more positive inclusive mindset and how it supports growth mindset.

  • Autism the world over

    Autism the world over - In Western Nations, we are gaining a better understanding of neurodiversity almost daily. However, the world over, this is not the case as in less developed nations. 


    In many countries, there is still much shame and fear around Autism and neurodiversity. In some cultures, children on the Autism Spectrum are locked away in darkened rooms sometimes chained to furniture and often victims of sexual abuse. How do we change this on a global scale how do we bring about the change and education that is needed to stop this direct violation of Human Rights and Human Dignity?


    This is something much bigger than you or me! And is a huge driver behind the work that I do but I am only one person I can change the world a little at a time but with your awareness and back up I can change the world a lot at a time!!!



"Patricia has provided our family with many resources and much information. She has provided me with many ideas and different approaches to help my son until we found what best works for him.

Patricia is flexible and encouraging and willing to try different approaches until finding the approach that best suits your family and your child."



Previous Client

"Patricia has been working with my son who has inattentive ADD and dyslexia.

Patricia initially worked with him to help him transition from primary school to high school. She has also helped him to gain confidence and self esteem."


Previous client


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